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About Annie

Annie is an ADHD Coach based in downtown Toronto.

Annie is a graduate from Sheridan College’s illustration program and part-time freelance illustrator. 

Annie is a candidate for Master of Occupational Therapy (MSc, OT) at McMaster’s University. 


Annie has an unique intersection of being a racial minority, female, immigrant, and neurodivergent. Annie understands and appreciates that a person's identity often has complex intersectionalities. Being neurodivergent and having ADHD does not define a person. With that being said, ADHD can and does intertwine and interfere with multiple aspects of one’s life.


Annie’s clients include high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, young professionals and parents. Annie has been known for coaching her clients through ADHD-related struggles while moving towards their goals in areas such as academic pursuit, career advancement or change, family and romantic relationships, day-to-day routine, motivation, and mental health. 

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